About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting Heaven's Above. We are Russell and Cathy, the husband and wife team here in Banyo, Queensland. We own the small local business behind this site. 

We are grateful to help you celebrate faith events and moments in the lives of those we care about. From Christening, to Baptism, to Holy Communion, to Confirmation we have gifts for your consideration.

We have taken care to find beautiful items that respect a diversity of faiths and life situations. We will expand the range, too, thanks to feedback from our customers. 

That is what Heaven's Above have been created for - to help you celebrate life occasions with those you care about, to make shopping for these precious moments easier. 

Our rosary bead range is especially diverse, offering choices for all needs. This is important as rosary beads are often a life-long keepsake. A friend in his 60s showed us his rosary beads that his mother had given to him as a child. She told him that as long as he carried them with him he would be safe. 

We would love to help you celebrate others. When you order, if you would like us to wrap your purchase as a gift, please let us know. If you can't find what you are looking for, please reach out. 

We are here for you. Contact by email is easiest. Here's our email address: contactheavensabove@gmail.com. Our shop phone number is (07) 32677320.

Your friends,


Russell and Cathy                                                                                    Heaven's Above                                                                                              Gifts for celebrating faith and life