Heavens Above offers beautiful rosary beads you will love to give or love for yourself. Our rosary beads are well made, offering the quality and durability someone of faith looks for in their rosary beads. 

The choice of rosary beads for personal use or as a heartfelt gift is very personal. Our service is personal. We take care in selecting the products we offer, to ensure they are of the quality and function you want. 

From our beautiful Swarovski sterling silver rosary beads to beautiful glass faceted rosary beads with exquisite art to our every day budget crystal range, we have rosary beads for all occasions and all budgets. 

We understand that people use rosary beads in many different situations and convey them from home to work, in the car or while travelling. This is why range is important, so you can choose what is right for your situation or the situation of the person for whom you are buying.

Rosary beads are particularly an important part of life for faithful Catholics, as well as for followers of some other religions. They are a wonderful and loved assist in prayerful mediation. They may look decorative but they serve a wonderful and loved function for the faithful. 

The word "Rosary" means a chain of roses and the roses are prayers. The Rosary Prayer tells us about the life of Jesus and his Mother, Mary. In the Church, the month of October is, by custom, the month of the Rosary but people do use this prayer all the year round.

Since rosary beads are used in different situations at different times, it is natural to have different types. This is why they make a wonderful gift for a friend of faith. 

We are grateful to offer a wonderful range of rosary beads for your consideration.