Confirmation enables a person confirm the promises made on their behalf at baptism. It is also a sign of full membership to the Christian community. In Christian confirmation, a baptised person believes that he or she is receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Confirmation, in the Catholic Church is one of the seven sacraments. It is also one of the three sacraments of initiation into the Catholic Church, the other two being Baptism and Holy Communion.

Those being confirmed choose a person to guide them through the process of Confirmation. The guide is called a Sponsor. Those being confirmed also choose a saint as a spiritual guide. Your confirmation name, typically the name of a saint, will serve both as a reminder to your commitment to God and as your inspiration for being a steward of the church. Heavens Above has wonderful gifts available associated with saints. 

When purchasing a confirmation gift, you want to get something that represents their newfound responsibilities to God and signifies the sealing of their faith. At Heavens Above our gifts are a constant reminder that God's love for His children is infinite. 

Our continual work at Heavens Above with new suppliers, is to find gifts that will be a long lasting memory and commitment of the sacrament they have taken.