Religious practice promotes the well-being of individuals, families, and the community. The beliefs, values and ideas of religious traditions have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to the development of human societies and cultures. In essence, religion provide a frame of reference for understanding the world and for guiding personal and communal action.

Religious texts are texts related to a religious tradition. They differ from literary texts by being a compilation or discussion of beliefs, mythologies, ritual practices, commandments or laws, ethical conduct, spiritual aspirations, and for creating or fostering a religious community.

Religious books and books of faith make a wonderful gift in many situations. They are also a good self-purchase. At Heavens Above we have a wide selection of books that teach, inspire, console, guide, understand, advise and encourage. Each book assists in understanding God's message in every situation.

Also at Heavens Above, we have a great selection of children's books that have been written especially to introduce the story of God's good news. They tell of God's unfailing love and the coming of God's Son Jesus Christ, who, by his life and teaching, showed how all people could belong to the kingdom of heaven. 

Heavens Above children's books are also stories of inspiration, empathy and sacrifice for others. There are stories of understanding that even though others may look different to us, we are all equal. These books are beautiful, passionate and inspiring.