Baptisms and Christenings are special and solemn occasions for different faiths around the world. From adult believer's baptism to the Christening of a young child, each occasion is an important milestone, often well celebrated with a keepsafe gift they will cherish as they step forward in life. Our Baptism and Christening range will be that keepsafe gift they will cherish. 

Even though the words Baptism and Christening are often used as if they mean the same thing, they do not. There is a difference, which we would like to explain. Christening refers to a naming service or ceremony. To 'christen' means to 'give a name to'. Baptism is different. It is an act based faith. The nature of Baptism is different in different faiths. That said, essentially, Baptism represents a deliberate act of identification with the person of Jesus Christ and his Church.

Our Baptism and Christening gifts have been selected to offer you gift choices for these special faith occasions in the lives of those you know and care about. They are gifts you can give to people you see or easily post to those you are unable to see.

Children and relatives of family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues....these are all people in your circle for whom you could purchase Baptism and Christening gifts, often regardless of specific faith situation.

The best Baptism or Christening gifts is one that respects the occasion, celebrates it and reminds them of your connection, your love and support for them as they take this step in their life journey. 

We are grateful to serve the Baptism and Christening gift need here in Australia, to offer you choices for serving those giving gifts.

 Given their purpose and the role they play in a life, a Baptism or Christening gift is different to a usual gift. This is faith related, something they will cherish for many years, something they will look back on. This is why finding a specialty gift for the occasion is appropriate for Baptism and Christening gifts that you give.

Here at Heavens Above we try and find for you gifts you can give for these special faith occasions. If something you would like to give cannot be found, please let us know and we will do our very best to serve your need.