How to buy rosary beads as a gift in Australia.

Buying rosary beads can be daunting if it is your first time buying them or if you are not familiar with them yourself. We have put together some advice that we hope helps you in your buying.


Rosary beads make a wonderful gift. They reflect your understanding of someone, your care for them, your encouragement of them.


While often purchased as gifts for key religious occasions in life, a beautiful set of rosary beads could be the perfect gift for someone confronted by the loss of a loved one, someone experiencing stress, moving into a new home, or when travelling.


Rosary beads are ideal gifts in many situations, especially since you can purchase the type of rosary beads to match the purpose of the gift.


Even for someone not that religious, the right rosary beads could be the comfort they place in a room, as a reminder.


Choose your rosary beads gift based on the purpose.


If it is an heirloom gift, something for their lifetime, seek out quality as you want beads that will last. Advice from us and others can guide you on this.


If the gift is for someone confronted by the loss of a loved one, more practical rosary beads could be best, something they could keep in their pocket and touch when feeling the loss. They could also be beads they place at the base of a candle that you give as part of the gift.


If the gift is more unique, like for a new home or for a new job, think about how they may use or place the beads and that could guide your selection. While giving rosary beads for a new home may seem odd, think about the beads as offering peace and comfort, something they could place on a mantlepiece in a room, with family photos.


If you are buying the gift to post, consider this when making your selection as some come in pouches that are ideal for postage while others come in a box that could be more difficult to post.


Rosary beads do make for wonderful, thoughtful gifts, for many occasions. Take your time. Think about the recipient and the reason for giving them, look at all the beads available and select what you are drawn to.