First Holy Communion - A Very Special Day.

First Holy Communion - A Very Special Day. 

The day has finally arrived. The day the twins, Callum and Emily, will receive their First Holy Communion. It is a beautiful bright, sunny day. Just like it was made to order. 

Both Callum and Emily arrive at the breakfast table dressed in their beautiful First Holy Communion outfits. Wouldn’t that look nice with Weet Bix and Jam stains standing out in their First Holy Communion photo frame. A quick change was in order.

Toothbrushes worked overtime, a quick change and a reappearance downstairs. It is obvious during the quick change, Callum’s shirt was made into a ball before landing, hopefully, on his bed. After an iron to rejuvenate the shirt’s shape, the twins looked stunning as they were ready to receive their First Holy Communion.

Excitement has definitely taken over as Callum and Emily are distracted by everything in sight as they make their way to the car. Both doors slamming notice that we are ready to go. 

We are only half way out of the driveway when I scream ‘Oh my God’. Not really appropriate but I’ve forgotten to give the twins their First Holy Communion gifts I purchased from Heavens Above. 

Heavens Above had a beautiful set of First Holy Communion rosary beads that Callum will carry with him and a gorgeous First Holy Communion pendant that Emily will wear. 

After a few deep breaths, we’re back on the road to the Church. Plenty of questions are being asked which is a lovely showing that the excitement is still thriving. 

Arriving at the Church, Callum and Emily take off like a greyhound drawn in the one box to see their friends. Excitement now has suddenly been multiplied by twenty two as their First Holy Communion becomes closer to reality.

As we enter the Church, the girls and boys are seated in the front two pews. All beautifully dressed and not a hair out of place amongst them all. 

Father addresses the congregation from the altar and makes special mention of the First Communion recipients. The children have a very proud and excited look on their face as they listen intently. 

The time has arrived as the children know exactly what to do as they line up to receive their First Holy Communion. Emily’s Heavens Above pendant looks sensational and Callum is holding his beautifully designed rosary beads from Heavens Above as they approach the altar. 

A glowing moment as both Emily and Callum put their hands out to receive their First Holy Communion from Father. As the children return to their seats after receiving the Eucharist for the first time, there is a little smile on each of their faces.

As Father concludes the mass, he reiterates to the children what it means to receive their First Holy Communion and the commitment God has made to them. 

As the children leave the Church and gather outside, the excitement of receiving their First Communion and the explanation of it all is fever pitch. While the children line up for their photo, it is noticeable that a lot of the children are holding rosary beads and wearing bracelets, pendants and necklaces from Heavens Above. 

A wonderful experience.