Choosing a sympathy gift for someone on the passing of a loved-one

It feels odd to be writing about sympathy gifts in that gifts are generally things you purchase to help celebrate good times, special occasions, while the death of someone is sad, sombre and, often, upsetting.
The right sympathy gift, however, can say I am sorry for your loss, I am here for you, I hope this helps you know that your loss is something we share.
A sympathy gift is something people will often place on a mantlepiece, bedside table, their work desk or some other personal space. The gift you gift becomes a memorial, a reminder of the life, it reminds them that the life was important to you, too.
Here at Heaven's Above we have a range of sympathy gifts that you can give to reflect on the passing of someone you cared about or someone who meant a lot to someone you care about today.  We can help you choose a sympathy gift to give to help them find comfort and peace in the midst of what is a difficult time.
Our advice on giving a sympathy gift is to keep it simple and reflective, to give it without fanfare or flourish, to not over-decorate the gift packaging, to give it with care and respect.
Sometimes, a gift of personal comfort for the person experiencing loss can be helpful. This is more of a condolence gift. We can help with these too. Let us know your needs, the situation, and we will do our best to serve you, to help you find the right gift to express condolence or sympathy with those you care about.
The perfect sympathy gift will give them comfort and that is the most you can hope and ask for. This goal is reflected in the range of sympathy gifts we offer here at our Heaven's Above website.
In offering sympathy gifts, our goal is to provide you with opportunities to share your concern for those you care about at a time when their need is personal and deep. We can help you with gifts that do this without being over the top or inappropriate. This is our goal, to help you express sympathy in a helpful what they appreciate.